We grow all our vegetables, literally, in our front yard!


Roma – A flat stringless bean that has gained popularity over the years. Our customers really enjoy this one.

Grean Beans – A great stringless bean.   Great for canning. We pick our green beans on the tender side and our customers love them!

French Gourmet – A more tender and smaller  green bean. Great for Dilly Beans and Stir Frying.


Broccoli is a newer item we have started growing. Great for salads, stir frying or freezing. A great addition to our produce. Broccoli is only available in June.

Sweet CornIMG_1679 2

We have been growing great tasting sweet corn for years. This is one of our signature crops at the market. In 1987 we planted a small field of silver queen corn and later switched to Silverado, then to Silver King and now we are very proud of our Silver Dollar. We think this is the best tasting sweet corn you can grow. We try small plots of new corn every year to try to keep up with the latest varieties. We learned that corn sugar increases and decreases as the day goes by and that the corn will actually be the sweetest if picked in the early morning. The year we switched from picking late in the evening to early in the morning we had so many compliments that we never went back to evening picking. Come try our corn and you will love our sweet corn also. All of our corn is white and we start picking around the 4th of July and will have corn through September.


Tomatoes ready for saleRed Slicing Tomatoes – A great tasting home grown, high acid and juicy tomato. Some of red tomatoes are so big that we call them loaf tomatoes because it takes and entire slice of bread to cover the tomato.

Pink Tomatoes – Much less acidic than our red tomatoes; they tend to have a sweeter taste and are very delicate. People really go nuts for this one.

Yellow Tomato – Even less acid than the pink one!

Green Tomato – We had customers ask us to bring in green tomatoes to fry and it took off from there. A lot of our customers love our green tomatoes also green tomato relish. If you have never had green tomato relish with pinto beans, you should try it.

Roma Tomato – The best tomato for making sauces

Orange Tomato – A less acidic beautiful Tomato

Canning Tomatoes – We also sell all our tomatoes by the box at a reduced price for canning and making sauces. Customers take advantage of this and enjoy our tomatoes all winter long.

SquashWe should have tomatoes all summer long. From late June through September.

Squash and Zucchini

We pick our squash and zucchini when they are about 3”-4” long. We call them baby squash and baby zucchini. Our customers say we should have let them grow up. They are great for baking or grilling with some onion and parmesan cheese.