We grow all our fruits on our farm in Tyro, Virginia

ApplesApples Pink Lady

Pink Lady – These apples are picked in November and we hold them over using our modern refrigeration. We sell them in the spring and they actually taste better in the spring than when they were picked. The acid mellows and the apples taste even sweeter. These apples are crisp and slightly tart to sweet. Excellent for baking, pies or just eating fresh. We should have these apples from early summer until Galas get ripe in August. Great for cider as well

Gold Rush – This is a new favorite variety for us that we are glad to have. These apples were picked last November as well. These apples are the variety that our customers went crazy for last year. We should have these through July. Tart to slightly sweet, crisp and firm. This is also a great cider variety.

Sweet Cheeks – A brand new apple from a Washington State breeding program. It was brought to the east coast by Hess Bros fruit company and tested at Silver Creek Orchards. The first trees were planted about 10 years ago and we really liked the apple. Sweet Cheeks is a cross between Pink Lady and Honeycrisp. It is a crunchy apple and is both sweet and tart. It has a wonderful flavor. We are very excited about this apple. We hold this over from the fall so we have them during the spring time.

Lodi (June Apple) – This is the best frying apple ever. They make the best apple sauce, just like our grandmas! This is the first apple harvested on our farm. We start picking in mid June. This apple is very tart.

Rambo – An old variety that customers know by name. They come in after Lodi and keep better than Lodi and are also excellent for frying or eating(if you like a tart apple). Some of our customers like to eat this one with a touch of salt! We pick them around the 4th of July and we will have them through mid August.

Gala applesGala – This is the first true eating apple of the season. A great tasting apple that is crisp and firm. This is becoming the most planted apple on our farm. Gala apples makes the best apple pie. We usually start picking around the 10th of August. We should have them until the end of September.

Honey Crisp – This apple is the most asked for apple we grow. It is revolutionizing the apple industry and is creating excitement again for apples. This apple is sweet to tart and has a distinctive crunch when bitten into. We start picking this variety right after Gala in mid August.

September Wonder (Early Fuji) – Another new apple that tastes very similar to Fuji and its parent is Fuji. It ripens about 4 weeks earlier that Fuji in early September. It is a beautiful apple. Our crew leader named this apple “Jay-Lo” after Jennifer Lopez because it is such pretty apple.IMG_2762

Empire/Macintosh – This apple gets ripe in early September and is a very pretty apple. Great for eating or for salads, it is midly tart.

Jonathan – Our Jonathans get more popular every year. Our customers love this apple. It is hard, tart and is great for eating or cooking.

Jonagold – This is cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. It is a very large apple that tastes great. Great for eating or cooking. It gets ripe in early September.

Blue Ridge Crisp – A new apple that was brought in from Georgia. We have tested it on the farm. We love this apple and you will too. It ripens in Mid September and gets a red cheek with a yellow background. It keeps very well and has a sweet aromatic flavor.

Golden Delicious – A great all around apple. Excellent for eating or baking.

Asian Pears

We grow two varieties of Asian pears, Hosui and Shinseiki. We believe these are the best varieties. Our customers love these pears. My kids love them also. Emma will eat several every day during the season. They are sweet and very juicy. They taste great. We usually start picking them the end of August and have them through September.


All of blackberries come from John Clark’s breeding program at the University of Arkansas. He has made some wonderful selections that have revolutionized the blackberry industry. He has come up with blackberries that are actually sweet like a blueberry! You can actually eat them right out of the container. One of our customers labeled “Ouchita” the best new fruit of the year. We also have the old fashioned blackberry that is great for jams and jellies and pies. We have blackberries from Mid June through August

Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries have the darkness of a blackberry and the size and shape of a raspberry. You better get them quick because we will only have them from mid June until the beginning of July. The make the best ice cream you have ever had. The jam is wonderful also.

BlueberriesBlueberries copy

We take pride in our Blueberries. We let them hang on the bush for as long as we can in order to get the best tasting berries. Blueberries will actually get sweeter and bigger after they turn blue. You don’t have to pick them as soon as they turn blue! We start picking blueberries in mid June and we should have them through mid August. We have planted more that should come in around the end of August.

“Our blue berries are delicious and nutritious!”   says John Jr.


Cherries are one of our first crops to come in. We have two varieties, Rainier and Bing. Rainier Cherries have a more yellow skin with touches of red and tend to be sweeter than Bing Cherries. Bing cherries are very sweet and are covered with a deep red color. They will be ready in early June.

Plums, Pluots, Apricots and Damsons

We raise several varieties of plums, Apricots and pluots. Tree ripened plums and pluots taste great and are very juicy. Everybody loves Damson preserves. Damsons get ripe around mid August and people really will fight over them.

Red RaspberriesRaspberries

Our raspberries are wonderful. They are delicious. We raise several varieties. They get ripe from mid June through September

Seckel Pears

These small pears get ripe in August and are sometimes referred to as sugar pears. They are crisp and sweet. They make perfect snacks.

Seedless Grapes

Table GrapesWe grow three varieties of seedless grapes:

Jupiter – A blue grape

Neptune – A golden yellow colored grape

Vanessa – A red grape

These grapes were also developed by John Clark at the University of Arkansas, he developed the many of the varieties of blackberries that we sell also. People really go nuts for these grapes.


We have tried to grow figs successfully for years. One in five years we have a crop. We are trying to cover our figs for the first time with straw and a big white bag. We should have abundant figs this summer if everything goes to plan.

Yellow Peaches

yellow PeachesEarly Red Haven – Late June

Sentry – Early July

Red Haven – Mid July

Loring – Early August (the first true freestone peach)

Blake – Mid August

Encore – Early September

Laurol – Early September

We pride ourselves in raising the best peaches possible. We try to pick them at the peak of maturity or just before they get soft. We always like to see a few soft ones in the box to insure they have been picked at the peak of their flavor.

Our peaches are juicy and sweet. Use yellow peaches for jams, jellies and cobblers. Use the cling stone peaches for pickling peaches.

White Peaches

white Peaches with EmmaSpring Snow – Mid June

White Lady – Mid July

Sugar Giant – Mid August

Snow Giant – Early September

September Snow – Mid September

White peaches have a very different flavor from our yellow ones. They taste like a cross between a pear and a yellow peach. I would say that White Peaches are an entirely new class of fruit. The white peaches we sell today have only been around for a few years and have created a new market for peaches. We love them!!

Donut Peaches

download-1Donut peaches are delicious. They taste just like a normal peach but they are a little more squatty and they look like a donut in shape. They are perfect for little ones or just a quick snack. They generally get ready Early July. Get them while they last because we only have them for a couple of weeks.